Requirements of children’s clothing – in brief

You can have a look at Eurosafe:

Think of your responsibility for the product safety in general, as in the list of testing institute SGS concerning mechanical aspects:
♦ ischemic injuries
♦ entrapment of the penis in zips
♦ injuries from sharp objects
♦ choking, aspiration, swallowing and suffocation (also think of detaching prints!)
♦ strangulation, entrapment (as by cords that are too long)
♦ restriction of vision and hearing
♦ overheating
♦ slipping, tripping and falling (also think of cords that can get stuck to pedals or a saddle)

General requirements for all kinds of garments, such as flammability, restricted substances and labelling.

tester small partsAnd the specific legal requirements for children’s clothes such as cords/drawstrings/tapes and a firm attachment of small parts (much in analogy with the toys directive EN71).

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